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File:. Tales of Symphonia English Opening .File:Aqua.pngFile:Chibi Colette.png
File:Chibi Genis.pngFile:Chibi Kratos.pngFile:Chibi Lloyd.png
File:Chibi Raine.pngFile:Chibi Sheena.pngFile:Colette's Angel Wings.png
File:Colette.pngFile:Colette 2.pngFile:Colette Brunel.png
File:Colette Brunel 2.pngFile:Colette Brunel 3.pngFile:Colette Brunel artwork.png
File:Easter Genis.pngFile:Emil Castagnier.pngFile:Example.jpg
File:Fakle 1.pngFile:Fakly 22.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Geins sage katz katz katz.jpgFile:Genis.pngFile:Genis 2.png
File:Genis Sage.pngFile:Genis Sage Toy.pngFile:Genis Sage Wiki.png
File:Genis Sage art work.pngFile:Genis Sage in TOSDNW.pngFile:Kratos.png
File:Kratos 7.pngFile:Kratos Anime.pngFile:Kratos Aurion.png
File:Kratos Aurion artwork.pngFile:LLoyd in the anime.pngFile:Lloyd.png
File:Lloyd11.pngFile:Lloyd Irving.pngFile:Lloyd Irving23.png
File:Lloyd Irving art work.pngFile:Lloyd V.S. Demon Emil.pngFile:Lloyd V.S. Demon Marta.png
File:Lloyd in Radiant Mythology.pngFile:Luke fon Fabre.pngFile:Marta Lualdi.png
File:Noble Raine.pngFile:Noble colette.pngFile:Noble man Lloyd.png
File:Pervos Vertlancer.pngFile:Raine.pngFile:Raine Sage.png
File:Raine Sage 2.pngFile:Raine Sage Artwork.pngFile:Raine Sage T.S.D.N.W..png
File:Raine TWRM.pngFile:Raine poster.pngFile:Ratatosk Emil.png
File:Richter V.S Demon Marta.pngFile:Ricther.pngFile:Ricthter Abend.png
File:Sheena.pngFile:Sheena 2.pngFile:Sheena Fujibayashi.png
File:T.G..pngFile:T.S.A..pngFile:T. O.S. Character Cast.png
File:Tales of Hearts Lloyd.pngFile:Tales of the Abyss - N3DS - Rise from the AbyssFile:Tear 3.png
File:Tear 4.pngFile:Tear 5.pngFile:Tear Grants 2.png
File:Tear grants back to front.jpgFile:Tear grants mhm.jpgFile:Tenebrae.png
File:Van Grants.pngFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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